duration 1:01

Interloper 2003

  • Voice over Ian Mitchie, 6 min loop
  • Single Channel Video Projection
  • SD PAL DV 4:3 Stereo
  • Installation dimensions variable

Script fragment

A question occurred to me while I slept …
And I awake to find myself out of bed floating up to the ceiling.
I look down surprised to see my body still lying in a hospital bed.
I heard about this … a near death experience … no need to panic.
Although looking down again I see my dormant self has also escaped …
from the ever-increasing dosages of drugs the nurses administer …
and is now leaving the room dressed in a doctor's coat.
I am slowly pulled along, following myself …
holding together the compromising folds of my hospital gown.
As I float along the ceiling low enough …
to hear myself softly repeat a private little mantra,
"Nothing is a more powerful placebo than the word …
as the organisms of diseases are naked to the human eye anyway."