duration 0:55

Kilowatt Dynasty 2000

  • Voice over Jean Lee, 6 min loop
  • Single Channel Video Projection
  • SD PAL DV 4:3 Stereo
  • Installation dimensions variable

Script fragment

But I think that she will have started suffering from …
The Inverted Dream Syndrome.
Which is dangerously common to astronauts.
When the spaces and events in their dreams will look more real …
than the everyday dark nothingness of outer space.
Until they are convinced that they are awake …
while dreaming of their wives in bungalows back on earth.
And that their empty floaty reality is actually a dream.
Mum will start believing …
she dreams of being in a transparent building underwater.
Surrounded by an oddly familiar landscape …
while wearing an orange uniform and flesh-coloured tights.
And these people she doesn't know, but know her ...
keep ringing her about washing machines.

Kilowatt Dynasty’s script has been translated into Spanish, Czech and Japanese.